Friday, January 13, 2006

From Faux News:

This is an actual screen capture from a Fox News broadcast...

The text states: "Will Vicious Dems Pay For Driving Alito's Wife To Tears?"

We are talking about a LIFETIME appointment here!!! And the lie-and-deny Neo-CONS want us to think only about how the poor little wifey cried???

How many tears will she shed for the women who will have to return to back-street abortions and coat hangars when Alito overides Roe v. Wade???

Did she cry for the little 10 year old girl that Alito ruled could be strip-searched?

Did you see how Alito ran out of the Senate chamber after the last hearing, leaving his wife far behind to fend for herself???

Give me a F**CKING break!!!


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