Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!! (From Molly the Puppy...)

A little under the weather from last night's barking at Regis Filbin at Times Square... My owner thought it would be a good idea to slip me a few teaspoon's full of Brandy Alexander from his glass last night... (What a maroon...)

So this intrepid puppy is still laying a bit low this morning nursing a Great Dane sized hangover, and waiting for Mr. Wonderful to finally get out of bed and give me something to eat...

But nothing is discouraging me from my hopes for the New Year. Slippery George, Big Dick Cheney and all other Enemies of Democracy are on the run. I believe that this will be the year that finally turns the tide against those who have worked to oppress all that is decent and good about America.

The only regret I have is that we can't get back to the America that we once knew without doing the hard work that lies ahead. I hope next year at this time to be howling with glee and running in circles as we welcome in a Democratic House and Senate! The next step will be to undo all of the damage that BushCo and company have done to the fabric or our nation.

We must undo the tax cuts, re-fund social programs, schools and health care for those who truly need them, start prosecuting corporate cheats, and those who would harm our environment for the sake of quarterly profit.
And this is just the tip of the iceburg...

For the sake of Democracy, examples must be made of those who would ignore the law that ALL Americans must follow. From Abu-Grahb to insider trading, to desertion at wartime, to illegally spying on Americans, that criminal behind the desk in the Oval Office must be stopped COLD!

We must also rejoin the world as the example of freedom and ethics that we were before Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court. We need to join the International War Crimes Commission, and let the chips fall where they may in relation to illegally invading countries who were no threat to us, or in relation to torture, war profiteering, prisoner rendition, stealing natural resources without proper compensation, slaughtering 10's of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, as well as the many other war crimes perpetrated in YOUR name by the sadly deluded George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the lying Neo-Cons.

Since the 80's, what WMDs did Hussein ever have that weren't given to them by Don Rumsfeld working for Ronald Reagan?
We also need to sign on the line and onto the Kyoto Protocol and do our part to stop the destruction of our atmosphere.

And we need to renew our commitment to nuclear disarmament! Before George Bush came along, we were actually working with Russia and the Soviet Bloc to dismantle and destroy nuclear warheads. That was one of the first programs Bush cut as he also tore up our nuclear treaties with Russia so he could build Star Wars in violation of our oath not to do so. I hope that the nation learns in 2006 that Star Wars isn't about protecting Americans, it is all about spending 100 billion dollars to line the pockets of Slippery Georges slippery corporate buddies.

Well, I hope it all starts coming home to roost for this White House in 2006!!! But as you can see, we all have a lot of work to do... It will start by supporting and volunteering for progressive candidates in your voting district in 2006. And VOTE! No matter how few machines they put in your polling place, or how long the lines are in Democratic preceincts because of it. VOTE! No matter how many times the police state tries to disqualify you. Make sure that you check about three weeks before the election with your local Supervisor of Elections to ensure that they haven't cowardly removed you from the registration, and make sure that you know where your voting place is. (That's another game the anti-American fascists like to play... Change your voting place, then 'forget' to tell you where it is.) And... If they are using voting machines that do not create a permanent printed record of your vote that you can verify before you leave the voting booth... Haunt your Supervisor of Elections, and local and national representatives until they DO!!! If they say that they don't have the money, ask them how they can spend $250 BILLION to bring democracy to Iraq, but can't spend a few million to guarantee democracy in our own backyard.

And while you have your politician on the phone... Ask them what action they have taken in the past week to investigate the illegal warrantless searches of Americans by the Bush Administration... If they haven't taken any action, or start tap-dancing around it, just tell them that you will be calling back next week for a more complete answer as well as an additional progress report. Congress isn't gonna do squat about this criminal activity unless we call them, and call them over and over...

Because they don't give a damn about the rights of Americans, or their sworn responsibilities to protect America and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unless we remind of their duties, and do it as often as we can.

I hear Mr. Wonderful starting to hack on his cigarette in the bedroom... Time to nip him on the ear, and get him to make me something yummy...


Molly the Progressive Puppy.


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